Stuart H. Radin - Mathematics Tutor


My Teaching/Tutoring Philosophy

Let us be honest; the vast majority of students do not like to spend their free time working on math, whether standardized test prep or their regular academic math class. I have found that the best way to motivate these students and get them to look forward to math tutoring is to focus on the relationship first and the math second. I believe that I do an outstanding job of developing rapport with my students, so that they look forward to meeting with me, and as long as we are spending time together, we may as well do a little math.

Having raised my own two (near-perfect) children (now in their 20's), I have learned first-hand how children, adolescents and young adults think. My wife claims that this is due to the fact that I have never grown up, but what does she know; she is only right 99.9% of the time.

I focus on getting to know each student's particular learning style, so that I can tailor my instruction in a way with which the student is most comfortable and can learn as efficiently as possible. I have developed a reputation for establishing trust and making a connection with my students. I pride myself on not only being their teacher, but also their motivator, cheerleader, supporter and mentor.

  Canton, CT


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