Stuart H. Radin - Mathematics Tutor


Availability/Payment Options

When school is in session, I am available seven days a week. During weekdays, when school is in session, my availability in the morning is limited, but I am available during most afternoons, evenings, and throughout the weekend. I have met with students as late at 10 p.m. During the summer, I am available Monday through Friday, as I take summer weekends off. Think of me as the 9-1-1 of math emergencies.

Where/How Do We Meet?


I meet with many of my students at their homes, with this arrangement usually being far more convenient for parents, as many of the students with whom I work, do not drive (and most of their parents hope that they never will). The only exception is if the student lives 30 minutes or more from my home. In these cases, I will meet the student at a central location, usually a library. And fear not, for I love dogs and have been known to develop a personal relationship with many a family pet. My wife claims that I am a "dog whisperer". In the case of students who board at private schools, I meet with them at the on-campus location designated by that school's administration.


Long before the onset of the Corona Virus, I began working with students remotely. I can meet via Zoom, Google Meet or Skype. I have met with students remotely located in Taiwan, California and Florida, as well as other locations, with great success. Remote learning also helps maintain the continuity of tutoring over vacations, as well as freeing me of the need to brush my teeth and apply deodorant.

Payment Options

Acceptable payment is as follows:

1. Cash (is king!)
2. Check
3. Venmo
4. Zelle
5. PayPal
6. Your old gold or other precious metals.


  Canton, CT


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